Loco Dice on hip-hop merging with EDM

One of the main advantages that EDM has is, like Rock music, its very versatile and can be applied to any other subgenre or genre of music. And some others, try to latch on the success to gain recognition. More recently, that can be said towards hip-hop. Why? Before, where hip-hop was about expressing the struggles of life in the ghetto, living your dreams, expressing personal angst and music to dance and rapping to partying. In more recent years with the more commercial side, was about making money, buying and spending millions dollars, and so on. But, of course, as time goes on, things change.

Sean Combs (P. Diddy) recently released a little trailer about his trip to Ibiza. Loco Dice opened up about what he feels towards the “hip hop heads” at Ibiza. Techno DJ, Loco Dice said, “Man, back in the day, I was the only one wearing a cap backwards in Ibiza. Now you go out of the hotel and you see B-Real from Cypress Hill or Bam Margera from Jackass.”

“”You see the big cats there making big money. In my world, where I am, it’s a different thing. Sometimes we see a hip hop guy where I’m playing, but he’s behaving more. He wants to feel the groove and get inspired, instead of showing up to pop ten bottles of Cristal. That’s not our world. “

Around the last ten years, Hip-Hop was the dominant music choice for clubs, partying and dancing to. Now, in recent years, EDM is slowly becoming the choice of  party music and dancing all night long to, not hip-hop. Which, of course leads to the question: Why? Not only ‘why’ though, but more of ‘why are they (mainstream hip-hop artist) doing it exactly’? What is their motive? Loco Dice, who mostly likely expressed similar questions,  further stated, “I say live and let die. Whatever you want to do, do it, but the scary thing is, it’s becoming more a business thing: how can I merge two names together to make money? The result is just often crap – a vocoder voice, a beat and a snare drum.

“I want to see more people like Jay-Z or Dr Dre coming to Plastikman or Mathew Jonson or to me,” Dice concluded. “I want them to say, let’s combine, let’s try something that’s not so obvious. Let’s create something.”

Written By: Dominic Laudadio

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